Action / Review Timetable

Critical Incident Plan

Dag & Red - Action_Review Timetable.DOCX
Critical Incident Plan.docx

Safeguarding Children 

Safeguarding Adults 

Dag & Red - Children Safeguarding Policy.docx
Dag & Red - Adult Safeguarding Policy.docx

Health and Safety Action Plan

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Dag & Red - Health and Safety Action Plan.docx
Dag & Red - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy.docx

Environmental Policy 

Incident Reporting Policy

Dag & Red - Environmental Policy.docx
Dag & Red - Incident Reporting Policy.docx

Health and Safety Policy

Incident Reporting Form

Dag & Red - Health and Safety Policy.docx
Dag & Red - Incident Reporting Template.docx

Register of Interests

Risk Management Policy

Dag & Red - Register of Interests.docx
Dag & Red - Risk Management Policy.docx

Staff and Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Terms of Reference of Board of Trustees

Dag & Red - Satisfaction Survey.docx
Dag & Red - Terms of Reference.docx

Staff Handbook


Dag & Red - Organogram.pptx

Governance Arrangements

Financial Management & Accounting Policy

Dag & Red - Governance Arrangement Chart.pptx
Finance Policy Draft.docx